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Meet Saray Kimya, which keeps pace with evolving technology and change, and prioritize customer satisfaction. 

Since its founding, Saray chemical has recently become one of the market leaders in the construction chemicals industry, combining its principles with a focus on technology development and change, its sensitivity to quality and customer satisfaction.

Main Products

Most Preferred Berico Products

As a result of extensive research, you can examine our products that come to the fore with their high quality and environmentally friendly formulas that are compatible with modern technology.

Floor Systems

Use ground systems with a “Berico” difference that have an important place between construction materials.

Exterior Coating

Quality exterior finishing products are only available in “Berico”. Review now and create your order.

Joint Fillers

Try the joint fillers with the “Berico” difference, which fills the gaps formed as a result of sticking materials such as tiles, marble, wall tiles.

Ceramic Adhesives

Use the ceramic adhesives used to bond different surfaces together with the difference of “Berico”.

You can examine all our products for your needs.


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Questions from you to Berico, who is Turkey's most preferred company. We explain why you should choose us with short questions.


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